The Scorpion GTA exhaust system has recently been fitted to a racing 147 GTA that competes in the UK BRSCC Alfa Romeo Championship driven by Sarah Heels. More details about this fantastic championship can be found on www.alfaracer.com. The 147 GTA is running well with the new exhaust and we are currently developing a new centre pipe for this race car that will be completely unsilenced for that extra bit of power. Please go and see this rare 147 GTA race car in action at a circuit near you. The race dates are listed on the their website.


The Alfa Romeo 156 GTA 3.2 V6 Version


The exhaust was originally designed, manufactured and tested on a 147 GTA as detailed above. After the press release for the prototype, we were inundated with requests for a 156 GTA fitment. Therefore in early 2010 we commissioned Scorpion to build a prototype system to fit a 156 GTA. We supplied them with a 156 GTA Sportswagon to build the exhaust on. The 156 version is very similar to the 147 one, and even uses the exact same decat section that fits both models. Please see the images below


The exhaust has been designed to be an exact replacement for the original exhaust, therefore no modifications should be required. The Scorpion system attaches to the existing mounts on the car. We would advise you to have the exhaust professionally fitted as it's much easier with the use of a ramp and decent tools!

We highly recommend our approved fitting centre Autolusso based in Bedfordshire. They specialise in Alfa Romeo only and they can supply and fit the Scorpion exhaust for you.  Click the link to visit their website



Fitting and Alignment

The exhaust is supplied with a clamp to attach the centre pipe to the rear silencer. Most customers reuse the standard exhaust rubber mounts but we would advise replacing these with new ones when you have the exhaust fitted.


On the 147 GTA version we advise you to check that the tailpipes are aligned centrally in the bumper cut out and that they are not too close to the plastic grill otherwise there is a risk of melting the plastic edge when the exhaust reaches maximum temperature. Ideally you should be able to fit a finger size space between the side of each tail pipe and the plastic grill. On the 156 GTA version just make sure the tail pipes are not touching the underside of the bumper! We would advise you to check the exhaust after the first 500 miles to make sure it is still aligned as it should be and that nothing has altered. If you have any questions and queries about fitment of the exhaust then please email us.